About our company

nellacos is your reliable international trading partner for luxury food and beauty care products. We supply cosmetics and dental care products as well as gourmet food and confectionery of the highest quality. Our products are manufactured according to European law, but also according to the particularly strict German regulations. Our young team uses scientific knowledge in every step from product idea to packaging. Our products are also checked regularly and voluntarily for their perfect composition and their correct declaration.

At the same time, we maintain close contact with our national and international retail customers and implement their requirements – if necessary, country-specific – in an innovative and practical way. This proximity to the market and continuous development give our trading partners the decisive edge in their respective markets.

nellacos provides luxury food and beauty care products for a healthy and fulfilling life. As pharmacists, we understand the wishes and requirements for our customers and consumers from our own practice. 

Our aim for high quality creates security – our flexibility and an eye for details create significant added value for our customers: 

From the product idea through development, design, production to marketing, everything comes from a single source.
Punctuality, healthy corporate structures, a wide range and the flexibility of a modern, small team provide you with the conditions for an effective collaboration.
We take into account the needs for religiously oriented markets and have great experience with cultural product requirements.
We are branding experts who ensure your market safety.

Our customers can count on them to receive what they expect: the best for a good life.

Claudia and Saber Aiwas
Founders and Managing Directors nellacos