Vital Hair Shampoo

The power and strength of our hair starts with healthy follicles. Weak, fine, and falling hair can be treated with this proper care product developed with the use of highly effective complexes: Vital Hair & Scalp Complex and Polyplant Biox Capilar. Their components are these highly effective active ingredients:

Goyal Vital Hair Shampoo contains betaine, a naturally-occuring amino acid, that acts as moisturizing agent and provides hair follicles with energy necessary for proper hair growth.
Hexapeptide enables hair follicles to anchor in the scalp.
Cinchona, arnica and ginseng extracts stimulate the surface microcirculation of the scalp, providing it with proper revitalization.
Vitamins protect your hair against harmful external factors.

  • vital hair & scalp complex
  • for healthy hair follicles
  • hairloss reduction