Whitening Cream

In the early days fair skin was the incarnation ideal of beauty. Lividity was reserved for the upper class and a sign of prosperity and wealth. Even today fair skin is thought of a sign for virginity, flawlessness and innocence. This may explain why men prefer women with a fair skin – it’s the attractiveness!

Novo AIWA Whitening Cream with the unique triple action formula:
Moisturizer takes effect as a softener in a system of lipid and protein structure withing the epidermis.
Vitamin B3 protects sensitive skin, improves its texture, and influences the synthesis of collagen and skin lipids. It enhances pigment displacements for a fair and even skin tone.
The broadband filter system for UVA and UVB rays (SPF 30) protects the skin against overly tanning and to help against the enhancement of pigment displacements.

When using Novo AIWA Whitening Cream on a regular basis, it

  • inhibits melanin distribution
  • provides exceptional brightening benefits
  • fades the appearance of dark spots and discolorations
  • evens the skin complexion

Made in

  • brightening for face and body
  • anti-aging with correction of age spots and pigmentation discoloration disorders
  • protective formulation with SPF 30